Why ‘Online’?

  • We love “live and on location” auction sales and, as contract auctioneers, conduct over 200 sales every year!  However, selling personal and real property online addresses a number of potential problems and risks associated with traditional ‘live and on location’ auction sales.
  • As opposed to ‘on location’ auction sales in which targeted marketing is focused on getting the right buyers to show up on one certain day at one certain time, internet auctions will typically be ‘timed’ auctions which will open on a specific date and close on a date some days or even weeks later. Targeted Marketing through social media, email and Banner advertising is cost effective and can, if appropriate, expand to a worldwide reach of over 400,000 known internet auction buyers!
  • Online auctions are open for bidding 24/7 and there is no need to worry about snow, rain or other forces which might conspire to keep bidders away!

OK, sounds great. What’s it going to cost me to sell online with RiverCityBid.com?

  • All services, marketing and sales are provided on a commission fee basis which can vary according to the nature and potential value of the items being sold.  Not all situations lend themselves to an internet only auction:
  • For a free, no obligation and confidential assessment of your items call Doug Sinclair at 804-402-2637, or email d.b.sinclair@comcast.net
  • If you are a legitimate 501-C3 nonprofit organization we will provide listing services (to a maximum of 25 items once annually) on no commission fee basis to your organization other than a predetermined fixed fee to cover the cost of marketing and other out of pocket expenses incurred by RiverCityBid.com.  Give us a call for further information on our ‘Caring Community program.

What is a ‘Buyers Premium’ and why is it charged?

  • A buyers premium is a percentage amount that is charged to successful bidders and considered a part of the purchase price subject to taxation. The buyer’s premium helps defray the expenses associated with selling online, credit card fees, marketing, etc..

What now?

  • As a potential buyer follow the link under “Our Auctions – Timed and Online” and have a look at our active and upcoming auctions. If you’d like to be kept informed of upcoming sales be sure to register your email in the ‘Contact’ link. Our email lists are ‘permission based’ and we will never sell, rent, loan or compromise your address for any reason. We additionally participate in a ‘Safe Unsubscribe’ program that will allow you to opt out at any time.
  • As a potential seller call or email us for a free, confidential and no obligation assessment of your real estate, personal property, overstocks, surplus inventory, autos, equipment, merchandise, fixtures and equipment and any other items that you’d want us to consider.


More Questions that need Answers?